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Bronwen Logan has run Tomah Retreat since 2002. It has primarily been the home of Reiki courses and meditation retreats over the years, but has now opened up to welcome everyone to come and share the special healing environment that exists here. 

Bronwen is not the sort of host who is in your face, but she supplies her phone number and you can text or call her with as many questions as you like. She will be on the property during your stay, or nearby. She's always happy to offer a hand whenever needed.

Bronwen, an avid animal lover, has created a retreat not only for humans but also for the animals who are blessed to share this piece of paradise.

As a Reiki author and teacher, Bronwen has taught Reiki in Australia, the USA and Europe. To find out more about her books, audiobooks and meditations visit her website.

"My aim is that you come away feeling like you got more than you had ever expected from your stay."