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Bowie the Dog

I'm the cutest (or so I’m told) ) dog here. I'm a Maremma - which means I have the job of looking after everybody and everything - including you. I'll make sure the foxes will keep away from your accommodation and that the chickens don't try to hop into your bed. If they do, don't you worry, I'll give a bark to let you know. I can jump all the fences within the property, which is fine with my mum. That way I can help any animal or human who needs me. When I see you I come running because I absolutely adore people. See my smile? I look like a vampire when I smile but don’t be put off. I am one enormous snuggle bug.
Just so you know, I'm not allowed inside the accommodation (my feet do get muddy), but my mum lets me into her lounge room so we can all get warm in front of the fire in the evening. I do bark a bit, but only because I'm protecting you all, just remember that :-).

Daisy the Dog

I am the middle child. My brothers and sisters and I were dumped in the mountains and I was the last to be caught, I'll admit to being a smarty. 

I was taken to the pound, but luckily Bronwen was keeping an eye out for me. She had met my brother Clyde who is a cutie and thought I would be the perfect addition to her animal family. 

I get along with chooks, cats, dogs and horses. But in all honesty, that pig freaks me out a bit. 

I am a little shy but am getting over this every day. BTW do you have any nice shoes for me? The more expensive the better. They make THE best chew toys.

Muttley the Dog

I’m the new recruit here. Apparently, I am a wolfhound cross miniature poodle - don’t ask me! I’m not sure what they see in the other dogs because I am absolutely gorgeous. 

I know how to dance, how to cuddle and I even have a go at singing. Standing up like a human is my speciality and then I can give a big hug too. 

I am the youngest and my background is shady, found in an abandoned house in Port Macquarie, but I know how to give and receive love and that’s the most important thing. 

If you see me, I might bark, but I am not aggressive and am friendly, it’s just because I’m not used to meeting new people all the time but I am getting better each day.

Flora the Pig

I'm hoping there's no favouritism in the order that the animals are listed here?

You can treat me a bit like a dog (did I just say that?!), in the sense that I can't see very well so I like to smell your hand before you touch me. I can be a bit shy and frighten easily if I don't see you coming. But wave food in front of my nose and I can go pretty crazy, so I would suggest you DON'T do that.

I like doing my own thing and can be a bit bossy. And as I'm pretty heavy (see, every cloud can have a silver lining) I suggest you observe me rather than annoy me. I do like having my belly rubbed, especially when I'm lying in the sun, but I do have to be in the right mood for that.

You may not know this - but my mum was told I was a mini pig. There is no such thing in Australia at any rate. Breeders keep pigs small by starving them, and I can tell you something, pigs don't like being starved.

I'm not allowed through any gates as I like to cause a bit of havoc (throw things around in the chook yard, for example). So, make sure I stay on the side where the cars are, even though I am smart (I AM a pig) I'm never sure if that's the front or the back of the house. It's MY side of the house, let's call it that.

I don't know why but those dogs are always stealing my carrots. Pigs Rule!

The Chickens

We love living at Tomah Retreat. Most of us come from a battery farm (that's some of us in the photo) - no need to explain the horrors of that, we're sure. 

The rest of us have lived here forever - with our names being things like Elsa (yes, I'm a white silky). Then there are the boys... pretty gorgeous :-). 

It’s probably best not to feed us as we can be pretty annoying once we start asking for food.

Mister the Cat

I am the eldest and biggest and most forbidding of all cats. I mean, all cats. 

Everyone thinks I look spectacular - and although I’m a rescue cat, I look exactly like a Norwegian forest cat. 

When I feel affectionate do be careful as I don’t know how to retract my nails. So, I’ll cuddle you but it might be painful. You’ve been warned.

I love to come and cry at your door to get some extra love. You can let me in for a little cuddle only if you really like cats. Otherwise, come and give me a pat outside.

Charley the Cat

I am special to Bronwen. She always thought a ginger boy cat would appear before her, and one day I did. 

I was at the vets hoping someone would want me. All my brothers and sisters found a home together but apparently that family already had a ginger. We’d been found as babies in someone’s backyard without a mum. 

I’m such a gentle, sweet cat - I’m a bit shy but love a pat if you see me.

Precious the Cat

I’m the youngest but I assure you I am the boss of this place. Everyone lets me eat their food and sleep in their beds. 

Bronwen thinks I’m a bit of a Svengali - somehow I’ve managed to get everyone to do just what I want and I look cute as hell - especially my left eye that is a little crossed. 

I love to greet you, check out your rooms, and follow you around. Don’t pick me up, just pat me - I like that.

Beau and Abby

We are Beau (white tail) and Abby (chocolate colour) and we have been with Bronwen most of our lives. We arrived in 2009 and live a relaxed and easy life… eating. Yes, that’s our hobby. 

There’s an electric wire around our fence so be careful, it’s just that one of us (I’m not naming names, ABBY) likes to break out and eat all the flowers. 

We are mini horses, and some say we have ‘little man syndrome’ - we always think we’re bigger and better and way more fun than a regular horse. Well, at least our tummies think we’re super big. 

Please don’t feed us, we can choke easily.