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Since 1999, Tomah Retreat has been the cornerstone of Bronwen Logan's transformative Reiki teachings, treatments, and meditation classes. This longstanding tradition of holistic healing remains at the heart of Tomah Retreat, providing a sanctuary for couples or individuals seeking respite from the demands of the bustling world – in essence, a haven for you.

Beyond its role as a nurturing space for humans, Tomah Retreat extends its healing embrace to numerous animals with rescue backgrounds, creating a compassionate home for their well-being.

To enhance your retreat experience, Bronwen has curated a selection of unique experiences tailored to meet your individual needs. These treatments and classes, carefully designed by Bronwen, can be booked alongside your accommodation reservation, ensuring a personalized and enriching stay. Bookings are essential, reflecting our commitment to providing a focused and individualized healing experience.

When reserving your accommodation, take advantage of the opportunity to book additional experiences that align with your wellness goals. Don't miss the chance to indulge in a complimentary one-hour infrared sauna session each night of your stay. Simply text Bronwen to secure your preferred time and elevate your relaxation at Tomah Retreat. Your journey to rejuvenation begins with us.

Indulge in rejuvenating experiences with your host, Bronwen Logan, at Tomah Retreat

1. One-hour "Reiki Treatment": Immerse yourself in this energetic healing practice with Bronwen, a renowned author and teacher in this field. Conducted in her tranquil treatment room upstairs in the main house, this one-hour session is a profound journey into holistic well-being. Bookings are essential and can be arranged alongside your accommodation reservation. Price: $125 per person.

2. One-hour "Meditation" Class: Join Bronwen for a transformative meditation class, customizable for varying experience levels and ideal for a minimum of two participants. Whether on the main house balcony or in the refreshing ambiance of the treehouse, this session promises serenity and introspection. Secure your spot by booking alongside your accommodation reservation. Price: $60 per person (minimum 2 participants).

3. One-hour "Healing for Animals" Class: Walk alongside Bronwen as she shares the techniques that contribute to the long and joyful lives of her cherished animals. Bookings are essential for this enlightening class, designed for a minimum of two participants, and can be arranged concurrently with your accommodation reservation. Price: $60 per person (minimum 2 participants).

For those seeking a more in-depth exploration, consider enrolling in one of the weekend Reiki Classes offered by Reiki with Bronwen.

A Personalised Retreat and Holiday 

Organised for you by Bronwen. You have the choice to book into BREATHE, RELAX or CHILL for a number of days and Bronwen will prepare specific treatments and classes for you. Contact Bronwen to discuss your ideal retreat and holiday.

Or just...

Walk the Living Labyrinth

when you have some free time and bring more consciousness to your everyday through reflection and guided meditation. Built from 200 dwarf buxus plants, the labyrinth is a unicursal pathway (one direction only) whose design is over 3000 years old. A perfect contemplative tool that will support your inner healing during your stay. Bring wet weather gear if it looks grey or misty.

Hangout in the Treehouse

Make yourself comfortable on the suspended queen size bed (with ergo-flex mattress for absolute comfort), let the breeze tussle your hair and watch the world go by - sometimes all we need is somewhere quiet to sit and BE for a while, before heading back into the fray.

Enjoy Life

Discover the therapeutic power of small joys – sway in a hammock swing, cozy up by the firepit, share a moment with a furry friend, immerse yourself in a good book from our extensive collection of self-help books or novels, savor various tea options, tune in to the melodies of birds, or engage in play with our friendly dogs. At Tomah Retreat, the simplest pleasures become profound sources of healing, inviting you to embrace tranquility and rejuvenation.