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12-16 Charleys Rd , Mt Tomah, Australia

To find us:

Address: 12-16 Charleys Rd, Mt Tomah

Directions to Tomah Retreat
Drive to Richmond along the M4 (from Parramatta Rd). Exit at either the:
1. Reservoir Rd Exit and turn left into Richmond Rd or
2. Turn at the Lighthorse Exchange onto the M7 and exit at the Richmond turn-off. This is the fastest route but you do need an e-tag.

From Richmond follow the signs to Lithgow and Mt Tomah is about 40 minutes away. This will take you over the Hawkesbury River into Nth Richmond and onto the Bells Line of Road.
Follow the Bells Line of Road up past Kurrajong and up the mountain past Kurrajong Heights. Continue, still on Bells Line of Road, past Bilpin and Berambing until you come to Mount Tomah.

On your left is the Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens. Continue (stay on the highway) past this and you will immediately see a large blue sign that says 'Rest Area Ahead 500 metres'. Pull into this rest area on your left. Drive along Rainbow Ravine Rd, which is off to the right. On your right is the local fire station (very useful) and just keep driving. The first turn to the left is Charleys Rd.

Drive down, almost to the end, and on the left is 12-16 Charleys Rd. 

If you get lost call 0425 2788 144. 

30 Km