Seasonal Pleasures

The Tomah Retreat runs with Mother Nature. 

We never get too hot but we do get really fresh days and evening, even in summer where you might like to sit in front of the fire pit outside (except when there's a complete fire ban, of course). The seasons bring a different world with them each time they visit, come and find out how different the Tomah Retreat looks and smells...


This is the season of perfumed flowers and colours. Bright blue skies and happy animals. The chickens start laying eggs again. 

And in October and November there are cherries to be bought on the mountains.


This is berry season in the mountains, and if Bronwen's berries are finished, her neighbour has an entire acre of them that we might be able to pop down to and pay to pick a punnet or two. The rhubarb should be taking off if it's been nice and warm. And later in the season Bilpin's apples are absolutely everywhere. Bronwen also knows some of the small organic farms in the area... just ask.


Each of the Tomah Retreat's three bed and breakfast studios has its own fireplace. This is the perfect way to get warm and cozy, no matter what the season. In autumn you can enjoy pine mushrooms - these are large and meaty and Bronwen will point them out for you (hint: they grow under pine trees). 

Autumn is also the time for walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts. If our season is finished or hasn't started yet, our neighbours may have something for you... once again, just ask. 


Smell the jonquils and daffodils, or pick a grapefruit for breakfast. 

About one day a year we get some flurries of snow - who knows, you could be in luck!