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Looking for a dependable driver in the Bilpin area? 

Look no further than Tomah Retreat's trusted drive. Ensuring worry-free journeys anywhere to and from the Bilpin area, our dedicated drive boasts a pristine driving record, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. He is available 24/7 to cater to your schedule - no matter where you are staying in this mountain region - and can carry a maximum of 4 guests.

Whether you're attending a wedding, heading to a local address, or catching a train, our driver's reliable, eco-friendly Toyota Corolla Hybrid ensures a comfortable and safe journey. 

With transparent and set prices, booking is a breeze. 

Why Choose Us?

This is sort of funny. Because there are no taxis or Ubers in this area!
This is inconvenient for our guests, especially our wedding guests, who would like to ensure they are not drink driving. So, we thought we'd extend this service to our local area for other visitors who might be having a similar issue.

Good news! We have Mates Rates for Tomah Retreat guests - just ask.

To secure your ride, simply pre-book (minimum 1 day notice) and pre-pay using Paypal.

Our driver goes the extra mile by sending a text 15 minutes before pickup, and upon arrival, ensuring you're informed and ready.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable, our driver reserves his time exclusively for you, especially considering the longer distances on these enchanting, windy mountain roads. Bookings are for the entire vehicle.

Text 0447 697 213


Pickup or drop off Rates

price is per car | 4 passengers max.| sealed roads only | all trips one-way | book 1 day ahead | pay on booking | no refunds

How to Book

STEP 1. Text 0447 697 213 to book your preferred date and time and provide pick up and drop off details. We will get back to you and confirm before you pay.
STEP 2. To complete your booking please pay your non-refundable payment to Bronwen Logan of Tomah Retreat through PAYPAL here.
STEP 3. You will receive a text confirming your booking and payment and pickup and drop off dates and address.
STEP 4. Please meet the red Corolla on the road outside the pickup address.